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Intuitive Sessions

Hello beautiful soul, I’m so happy you’re here.
The work we do here together is soulful, sacred, uniquely tailored to you and transformative,
so please take a moment to thank yourself for showing up and choosing you!
Your session will be a wonderful, supportive experience that will provide you with the opportunity to:

Transition life, business or career defining moments with confidence, clarity and action.

Discover how to access and work with the future possibilities and potential personally available to you.

Release limiting beliefs keeping you stuck and embrace growth and expansion from the future version of you.

Step into your own sovereignty and away from external validation as you start to
develop your own inner strength and knowing.

Receive channelled guidance, intuitive messages and practical support to move you into
your best next steps of action and forward on your path to fulfilment and success.

Are you ready to get started?

What happens in the session?

Your personal spiritual and energetic information will be translated
and presented to you through the alchemy of my angelic and intuitive
guidance, practical know-how, coaching strategies and years of
leadership, corporate and life experience.

Rest assured, we will work on the most important priorities for you
right now and you will have the opportunity to provide me with your
questions / areas you’d like to cover beforehand.

I will guide you to command the power of your own intuition, get into
your heart and out of your head and up level your self worth and belief
in order to importantly see, as well as realise, your true potential and
purpose in a way that is meaningful for you now and in the future.

I have walked this path for myself and this is a practice I work through
daily. When you finally connect heart and head and really believe in
your own inner-wisdom and your own worth, then self doubt, lack and
fear fade away and there you stand, a powerful, beautiful, abundant
and magnetic beacon of light!

All calls will be conducted and recorded via Zoom and held in the comfort of your own home. If you do not see
a time that works for you, please email and I will endeavour to accommodate you.

Let your transformative journey begin.
I can’t wait to work with you.

Andie x

Choose your session

60 Minutes: $282

90 Minutes: $368

Please note: If you would like to experience a deeper session and wish to address a broader range of areas
impacting your life, please book the 90 minute session to allow us sufficient time to do so.

When you book your preferred session time, you will be asked to submit your questions / key areas you’d like
to cover. Please outline your highest priorities and feel free to provide as much information as you wish.
Thank you!